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Fri 05 October 2018
by Arthur Vuillard Rémy Hubscher

It is with a great pleasure that we will welcome you for this brand new edition of the Python French Conference.

You've got your ticket, have you got a place to stay ? your means of transportation ? It seems that you are all set already !

To make this conference a success, we want to ask you to endorse and make sure people follow the rules of our code of conduct.

It has been improved this year to reflect a little more the spirit of openness and kindness with which our association and our community would like to welcome you again this year.

It will be printed and display at the rooms' entrance during the event but don't hesitate to read it again one more time before joining us.

Take this opportunity to meet the diversity team which will be there for your during the event to listen to you and answer your questions.

Here are some practical details

See you tomorrow :)