PyConFr 2018

Code of conduct

Code of conduct

As an event organised by the Francophone Python Association (AFPy), the code of conduct carried by the association does apply.

Following the event, please read our Code of Conduct transparency report.

AFPy Code

The goal of AFPy is to promote the Python programming language among the widest possible audience. We diffuse our knowledge and are open to external contributions because diversity, mutual attention, solidarity and democracy increase the potential of AFPy and each one of its members. That’s why we encourage the participation of all members of the Python community, or wishing to be part of it, in any event we (co-)organize. AFPy wishes anyone interested to be welcome in a pleasant and meaningful way.

AFPy therefore expects each member of the association to show respect and courtesy toward other members of the association and people met during any event organized by the association.

This text is inspired by the code of conduct established by the Ada Initiative and by the French anti-discrimination law.

The « short » version

AFPy wishes to avoid any type of discrimination, whether based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, origin or religion, and in any form whatsoever (speech, image, text and other). Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.

Although AFPy aims to promote Python in the French-speaking world, the association is committed to welcome everyone, whatever their programming language or mother tongue.

AFPy expects from its members a language and a style adapted to a diverse audience. Sexual or racist allusions are in no way tolerated, whatever their medium.

Be polite. Don’t insult anyone. Discrimination and harassment are to be excluded in writing, visuals, words and actions, whatever their nature (sexual, racist, religious, social…).

Disrespecting these good manners may lead to the exclusion from the event, at the sole discretion of one or more organizers, or the association, after deliberation of the executive committee, as well as from any service proposed by AFPy (planet AFPy, blog, IRC channels).

The « long » version


These good practices apply within the framework of any event (co-)organized by AFPy in a direct or indirect way, namely:

  • conferences (PyConFr and other)
  • IRC, XMPP or other instant messaging channels
  • planet AFPy
  • AFPy blogs
  • mailing lists
  • any event where you represent AFPy, including casual meetings (AFPyros, Meetups…)
Definition of discrimination

Discrimination includes, according to French law, “the situation in which, on the basis of their belonging or not belonging, real or supposed, to an ethnic group or race, their religion, their beliefs, their age, their disability, their sexual orientation or gender, a person is treated less favourably than an other is, has been or will be treated in a comparable situation.” “Any sexually connoted act, [suffered] by a person and having the object or effect of violating their dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment” or “the act of ordering anyone to behave this way” is therefore prohibited.

Behaviors to avoid (banish ?)

According to the above definition, we invite you to refrain:

  • any inappropriate expression or attitude,
  • presenting sexual or shocking (especially violent) images,
  • deliberate intimidation, harassment, improper and non-consensual physical contact.
Incidents handling

In case of harassment or discrimination by a participant, the event organizers or members of the executive committee may immediately take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including temporary or permanent exclusion from an event.


If you are victim or witness of harassment or discrimination against other participant(s), or fear an incident may occur, contact immediately a member of the staff (in the case of an event) or of the AFPy executive committee.


During the event, feel free to contact the following people that have been selected by the association to help you address some issues you might have seen.

Nom Email Téléphone Photo
Joachim Jablon +33 6 75 66 76 84 Joachim
Viviane Pons +33 6 79 04 77 64 Viviane
Rémy Hubscher +33 6 83 91 39 87 Rémy
Haikel Guemar +33 6 69 90 91 31 Haikel