The venue


PyConFr 2023 is held at the Université de Bordeaux, on the Campus de Talence.

Université de Bordeaux Bâtiment A22 351 Cours de la Libération 33400 Talence

GPS coordinates: 44.8073 -0.5988


Reach the Campus

From the center (~30 minutes)

You can reach the campus by the tram B and stop at the "Béthanie" station.

From the train station (~25 minutes)

From the train station, you can reach the campus by the Bus line 10 at stop at the "Peixotto" stop.

From Bordeaux Airport (~1 heure ± 15 minutes)

From the Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, multiple route with regards to the schedule. In any case you will have only one connection:

Self-Service Bikes (~45 minutes)

You can also reach the campus using self-service bikes (called "V3"), at the Arts et Métiers (#112) station.

Travelling to Bordeaux


It will be possible to park on the university parking.


The TGV stops at Saint-Jean Bordeaux Train station, next to Bordeaux city center. It is quite handy to take a bus or a tram from there to get to the university.

With the tram

Leaving the station, you can take the tram C and stop at Quinconces station to connect with the tram B and stop at the Béthanie station. If you like to walk, you can also walk along the "Cours de la Marne" for about 1.8 km and take the Tram B from "Place de la Victoire".

With the Bus

The Bus line 10 stops at "Peixotto" next to the University entrance.


Land at the Bordeaux-Mérignac airport and reach the tram to get to the university.

Housing Advice

In Bordeaux

Try to find an accomodation close to the tram B line, the fastest way to reach the university.

On the campus

There are two options not to far from the campus.