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Our sponsors

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logo de Kozea logo d'Hashbang

Kozea and Hashbang have participated to the design and integration of the PyConFr website and to the event graphic charter (tshirts, posters, etc.).


Sewan's logo

Sewan is a new generation operator, 100% cloud, user experience oriented.

In the heart of Paris and in Montpellier, our engineers develop a innovative platform that is revolutionizing the Cloud and Telecoms, adpoted by more than 750,000 users.

With an exceptional growth since its creation, the Sewan team likes to surround itself with passionate people who bring their experiences and their motivation in a unique project in France and Europe.


Back Market's logo

Founded in 2014, Back Market is the very first international marketplace specialized in refurbished electric and electronic devices. We connect certified professionals who work hard to ensure all electric and electronic devices get a second life with consumers looking for equipment that makes a difference.

E-waste reduction, planned obsolescence battle and circular economy are 3 good reasons to wake up in the morning. We have a challenging schedule and high business expectations, so you’ll need to be able to get up to speed without compromising on attention to detail. For the right person, this is a chance to gain valuable experience in building a star and to join a fast-growing, exciting and life-changing company that’s shaking up the consumer electronics business.


PeopleDoc's logo
PeopleDoc is on a mission to make the difficult job of HR easier by implementing technology that speaks the HR language and understands HR needs. The PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform helps HR teams more easily answer employee requests on demand, automate employee processes, and manage compliance across multiple locations. PeopleDoc cloud solutions include case management, process automation and employee file management. 100% software as a service, PeopleDoc solutions integrate with existing HR systems, can be implemented in as little as 8 weeks, and are designed for agile ongoing use by HR teams serving diverse and expanding workforces. PeopleDoc serves 800+ customers including Atos, Biogen, GoDaddy and Nestle, and over 4 million total end users with a 100% customer retention rate. More information is available at
Anybox' logo
Anybox is a distributed remote-only company, organized as an Holacracy. We provide services and custom developments around Python business applications and Docker clusters for hosting and Continuous Integration. Apart from our historical focus on Odoo, we also work on frameworks such as Django or Anyblok.
Makina Corpus' logo

Makina Corpus is a software engineering services company which designs, develops and integrates innovative web and mobile applications, relying exclusively on open source software.

It is specialized in developing business applications, complex portals and dynamic mapping.

Makina Corpus places Python at the heart of its technical strategy since its beginnings and recruits among the best talents of the sector. Its experts get involved in the Python community in a pro-active way through their participation in events and their Open Source contributions.

Invivoo's logo

In a complex environment, leaning on performing IT solutions is a vital stake for the financial industry.

That is the reason why at INVIVOO, we help our client in improving their Information System at all levels: technical, methodological and organizational, by combining functional and technical expertise.

Moreover, INVIVOO is the software publisher of the XComponent suite that immunizes IT projects against the main misconduct factors (XComponent Studio) and to guarantee the reliability of the applications'​ releases in order to better face the Business'​ needs. (XComponent AC2)

numberly's logo

numberly helps customers collect, analyze and leverage their data across all marketing channels. To do this, we are more than 100 engineers (a quarter of numberly) divided into teams with a human dimension, where we make sure that each one develops a positive influence and can be autonomous. Our sustained growth pushes us to constantly challenge our technical and organizational choices.

Due to our wide range of interconnected products, our technical issues are very varied and often complex. Our daily missions are to process thousands of queries per second, distributed around the world, operate multiple petabytes databases (Big Data™), automate our entire bare-metal infrastructure, and build tomorrow's digital marketing interfaces.

We are recruiting software engineers, data engineers, data scientists… Reach us out!'s logo

Since December 2017, is the new name of, major actor in the European tourism sector, Train distribution expert and France Specialist.

We are more than 1200 people worldwide, sharing a real interest in innovation, high tech and, of course, tourism.

Figures can be mind-blowing: 12 million unique visitors per month on our website and mobile applications, peaks at 39 tickets sold per second! No time to get bored at, challenges are upon the group reputation. is the right choice for you if you are looking for a cultural mix of Agility, Digital company spirit, strength and high quality requirement of a well-established company.

Agility is, indeed, the keyword at! With Scrum experimented for the first time in 2009, is today proud of its 30+ versatiles, multi-skilled and autonomous Feature Teams.

We are in the core of the DevOps transformation… and considered as one of the most advanced companies on the subject.

CIM's logo

In 30 years of experience in its market, CIM has become much more than a provider of solutions in health and welfare.

Thanks to its configurable modular bricks from its IZY LINKS® range, CIM has established itself as one of the French leaders in the digital and industrial transformation of mutuals, brokers, insurance companies and provident institutions.

From extranets to the management tool, via the mobile application and subscription programs, our value proposition is digitally seamless, real-time and 100% aligned with the current regulations (SOLVABILITY II, GDPR, DDA).

Entering CIM is above all sharing the values ​​of listening and benevolence, co-development and solidarity, as well as passion and innovation.

From a methodological point of view, agility is our DNA.

From a technological point of view, PYTHON and DRUPAL are our languages ​​and tools in SaaS & front-end.

IT Link's logo

IT Link, the first digital services company specialized in Connected Systems.

For more than 30 years, IT Link has been innovating alongside major players in industry and services.

Our mission is to evolve connected systems in order to optimize and create the products and services for today and tomorrow.

Our know-how is based on 8 branches of expertises at the heart of connected systems:

  • Sensors and Embedded Intelligence
  • Telecom and IOT
  • Data Intelligence
  • Mobile Applications
  • Safety and Security
  • Business Information Systems
  • System Engineering
  • Change Management and new user experiences

IT Link has 550 employees based in 12 areas in Europe and Canada, a strong technical board, 3 R & D centers and a presence in the Euronext stock market since 1999.

Ecréall's logo

Company of services and solutions in free software, Ecréall designs, develops in Python and ReactJS the collaborative portals of its customers.

We are authors of the agile Nova-Ideo participatory innovation solution whose source code is accessible on GitHub under the AGPL V3+ license and which uses the Pyramid framework.

Dolead's logo

Dolead unique technology uses semantic (for creating an managing advertising campaigns from a database containing 1 billion+ keywords in 26 languages), algorithmic (bid management), comportemental statistics and ML to optimise the whole digital conversion funnel: campaigns, landing pages, and data refining directly from the customer CRM.

Dolead transforms the traditional approach of digital marketing with a brand new acquisition technology and an performance-driven offre which offer advertisers an answer to their eternal question: how to create growth while maintaining acquisition cost.

Planet-work's logo

Since 1999, Planet-Work has specialized in designing web infrastructures and became that way a host providing value-added services.

Planet-Work is recognized for the quality of its services, especially in the field of managed operating system (Linux) and applications (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, etc.), as well as in in the handling of scalability and high availability issues.

At Planet-Work, benefit from:

  • more than 18 years of experience in managed operating systems and applications.
  • A dedicated technical partner, who listens to you, advises you and follows you according to your needs.
  • A total, unlimited and "free" managed services (no additional billing).
  • An efficient and responsive technical support (answers under 1h during the day, hotline available during evenings and weekends).
  • Every year, Planet-Work hosts more and more sites, applications and messaging solutions facing diverse and varied issues.
  • For Planet-Work’s employees meeting the expectations of our customers is essential and winning their confidence is our first reward! Today, Planet-Work delivers its services to more than 6,000 customers.
Budget Insight's logo

Budget Insight is a startup founded in 2012 by Romain Bignon (self-learned developer and founder of weboob) and Clément Coeurdeuil (engineer from the École Centrale Paris) and now has 40 employees.

We started with our finance management application "Budgea" which allows to connect its various bank accounts and manage your budget. The main business of Budget Insight is now to provide its banking aggregation API to more than 130 partners, including banks, insurers, private banks, fintechs or accountants.

The company mainly uses free softwares in a GNU/Linux environment, and contributes to some of the used softwares, in particular the weboob library.

Octobus' logo

We are major contributors to the version control system Mercurial. We are passionate about open sourceand developer tools.

Our goal is to make development processes faster, simpler and more collaborative. In short: more agile. We make tools that improve user experience and make development easier.

Since 2016, Octobus offers expertise in open source, version control and Python.

Our clients trust us to improve their workflows, performances and associated tools (tests, CI…). Our Python expertisefocuses primarily on performances, advanced concepts and the evolution of complex or legacy codebase.

Open source is at the core of what we do: we also counsel open source projects.

Octobus is growing. If you are interested in what we do, we are hiring!

At PyConFr 2018, we will be giving 3 talks and participating in 2 days of sprint. Come and meet us!


TeMPO Consulting's logo

TeMPO Consulting is an IT company offering software solutions built from Open Source components.

At the crossroads between the service company and the software editor, TeMPO Consulting is more particularly specialized in the implementation of enterprise management solutions and web solutions.

TeMPO Consulting has the know-how of the editor by offering reusable and scalable software components, and has flexibility and responsiveness of the service company.

With its Python and Web programming skills, TeMPO Consulting is firmly positioned on the Odoo ERP software and the Django framework.

Our Django experts support simple or complex projects by using all available components and complementing them by creating new modules if necessary.

Odoo Community Association's logo

Who are we and what do we offer?

The Odoo Community Association, or OCA, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the widespread use of Odoo and to support the collaborative development of Odoo features.

The Association provides financial, organizational and legal support to the broader Odoo Open Source community. It also serves as an independent legal entity to which community members can contribute to the code, funding and other resources with the knowledge that their contributions will be maintained for public benefit.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a suite of open-source enterprise management applications. Odoo is used by large companies, small businesses, associations and many different types of organizations to help them manage, automate, measure and optimize their operations, finances and projects.

Nexedi's logo

Nexedi is one of the largest publishers of Open Source Software in Europe ( and contributor to projects such as MariaDB, babel, scikit-learn and the Linux kernel. Nexedi clients include Airbus, Mitsubishi, Sanef, Emovis and PSA.

Nexedi is particular in that it invests significant amounts in R&D (around 50% of total sales) and innovative technologies which usually are not adopted on an industry-level for another 5 to 10 years. These projects are usually undertaken in collaboration with research laboratories such as INRIA, Télécom Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, ENS, etc.

Nexedi's economic model is based on 100% free software based on a permissive GPLv3 licence with turnover resulting from large consulting and customization projects requiring rigorous development and favoring high performance and stability over fashionable technologies.

Nexedi is a member of competitive clusters (Systematic, Cap Digital). Join us, we're hiring!

alwaysdata's logo

Hosting designed for humans. Get started in 30 seconds. For free.

We built our hosting platform for developers at the forefront. Managing your accounts in our infrastructure is easy, simple, and as trivial as shipping your code to production servers. alwaysdata removes the sysadmin and devops hardships from your way, so you and your team can stay focused on what matters: crafting code.

Our ready-to-use accounts cover all your needs. Get access to the main Web languages and frameworks (PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, Elixir…), databases (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB…), brokers (Redis…), built-in SSL with Let's Encrypt, full SSH access, customizable DNS, and many more. Manage all your setups per site, in our powerful interface or through our full API access. Sign up for a free plan available under a minute.

No more hosting setup. Just ship, and run.

Yaal's logo
Yaal is aimed at start-up creators looking to make their project a reality by designing web or mobile solution. We are committed to them by bringing our experience of business creation, by sharing the financial risk and taking charge of the technical lead to make their idea a unique and sustainable project.
Algoo's logo

Algoo c'est une boîte. Qui on est, ce qu'on fait, c'est pas vraiment important, là. Ce qui compte, c'est surtout de participer à PyConFR.

Certains proposent des sprints, d'autres des présentations, d'autre encore donnent un coup de pouce financier… et ce qui est bien, c'est qu'on peut cumuler !

Finalement, on retrouve un peu l'esprit du libre : chacun contribue comme il peut/veut. La manière la plus simple de contribuer à PyconFR, c'est tout simplement d'y participer. Et si vous faites plus, c'est encore mieux !

De notre côté, nous animerons sans doute un sprint pour interconnecter Tracim avec Collabora Online (ou un équivalent). (Note : si vous ne connaissez pas Tracim, j'en ai parlé dans une dépêche LinuxFR en janvier dernier. Un atelier Hapic ? Nope : on s'y est pris top tard :-s.

Ah, et j'allais oublier : si vous hésitez à venir, à proposer un sprint, une présentation, voire à donner un petit coup de pouce financier… alors un conseil : n'hésitez pas !

B2CK's logo

B2CK is an IT service company specialised in enterprise solutions development for small and medium businesses.

B2CK is the reference company for implementations based on Tryton, a powerful and modular framework written in Python that fits to the business process of companies.'s logo
Based in Paris, Legalstart is a leader in the French legal-tech space that aims at revolutionising legal services. Our mission: help entrepreneurs and SMBs get easier access to excellent quality legal services. We help business creators manage legal documents and paperwork in an automated fashion.
Citusdata's logo
Citus Data is on a mission to make it so you never have to worry about scaling your database again. Citus is worry-free Postgres that is built to scale out. Made for SaaS companies and enterprises alike, Citus is an extension to PostgreSQL (not a fork) that transforms PostgreSQL into a distributed database. Whether you need to scale out a multi-tenant SaaS application—or are building real-time analytics dashboards that require sub-second response times—Citus makes it simple to shard Postgres. Our Citus distributed database is available as open source, as enterprise software you can run anywhere, and as a fully-managed database as a service. Documentation, tutorials, downloads, and more information can be found at
Logilab's logo

Logilab is an IT company specialized in advanced and scientific computing.

By building on its expertise center, Logilab is able to implement software solutions and to propose high value services and trainings in such fields as advanced and scientific computing and knowledge management.

Logilab’s expertise center has specialized in the use of several tools (Python, C, C++, etc.) and techniques (software engineering, agile project management, multi-paradigm programming, statistics, logic, etc.) and applies them to advanced computing (data analysis, numerical problem solving, simulation, etc.) and knowledge management (content management systems, workflow automation, database aggregation, indexation tools, documentation management, etc.). Logilab’s training sessions are designed for engineers willing to enhance their computer science skills. They cover a wide range of topics (Python, XML, SaltStack, Object Oriented design and programming, C++, agile project management, etc.) and are always fine tuned to best suit the needs of attendees.

Logilab is an actor in the Free/Open Source Software community. The company favors solutions built on Free/Open Source Software when they meet the needs of the end users, and guarantee the required stability of the systems. Some of the internal developments of the company are released as open source on Logilab's free software projects site


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