PyConFr 2018

PyConFr 2018 Call for funding

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Wed 09 May 2018
by Arthur Vuillard

There are costs involved in organizing a conference. Here is our call to help cover them.

For several years, we have relied on companies to finance PyConFr. A big thank you to all these companies without whom this event would not have lasted.

The majority of this year's expenditures are very similar to previous years: we need to pay a company so that security agents are on site, another for cleaning, we will buy some beverages and viennoiseries for participants, conferences will be recorded...

Last year for the first time we have translated some conferences in sign language. This idea has been very well appreciated but our means didn't allow us to cover all the conferences (there was only one conference by slot covered on Saturday, none on Sunday). This year, we want to advance to the next level by offering a live text transcription for all conferences.

We have therefore created a "Platinum transcript" funding level with more compensation. A company opting for this level will see its logo displayed on transcript screens and on videos using this transcript as subtitles.

Two other Platinum levels are proposed: one for the video (your logo on the video of each conference) and one for viennoiseries (your logo in front of snack tables).

Other funding level names have changed, but not what they offer.

More details on fundings levels and compensations on the Sponsor PyConFr page.

If you wish to participate in the financing of PyConFr 2018, please contact the AFPy treasurer, Guillaume Ayoub, by email at the following address

Don't hesitate to relay this information on your favorite networks :)