PyConFr 2018

PyConFr 2018

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Mon 23 April 2018
by Arthur Vuillard

The 2018 edition of the francophone community's conference on Python will be held in Lille from 4 to 7 October 2018.

The first two days are reserved for participative coding sessions. Developers from different open source projects come to code together. Everyone is welcome to contribute, and we seek to guide beginners. We provide the space and environment (tables, chairs, internet connection... and coffee!). Represented projects will be announced on our site as they register.

During the two following days, you will have the opportunity to attend to presentations on various topics, about the Python programming language, its use cases, good practices, feedbacks, shared ideas... A call for proposals is to be announced soon.

This event is hosted by the Institut Mines Télécom de Lille Douai. IMT Lille Douai is the biggest engineering school north of Paris training for general engineering and digital expertise. Thanks to them :)

We ask everyone wishing to come to read the code of conduct. We want this conference to be a welcoming event for everyone. AFPy working group is mobilized to make everyone feel good during the conference. Actions will be announced.

If you already want to organize your journey, we have prepared the Venue page.

We have several other announcements for you in the coming weeks, so follow us on our web feed, or our Twitter feed.