PyConFr 2018

Ask for financial assistance

Ask for financial assistance

As many people have already been allowed to benefit from finiancial help, we will unfortunately refuse any further financial assistance after July 15th, instead of September 1st as said before.

AFPy offers financial assistance for students or persons whose resources do not allow to come to PyConFr. To apply, write an e-mail to the AFPy treasurer ( explaining briefly:

  • your current status (student, looking for a job...)
  • the reason for your participation (attending conferences, sprints, presentation of a project...)
  • a rough estimate of the cost of your journey to PyConFr (travel and accommodation)
  • any other information you deem necessary

You must not exceed 400 words in your application. If you are accepted, you will receive a maximum of 200€ if you come from Europe, or 400€ if you come from outside Europe, corresponding to a maximum refund of 75% of your transport and accommodation costs.

Applications must be sent to before July 15th.