PyConFr 2015

Alexandre Fayolle

Alexandre Fayolle

Alexandre Fayolle is a nice guy who has been a FLOSS enthusiast since 1996 when he installed GNU/Linux for the first time. He started coding in Python in 1999 using version 1.5.2 and never stopped since then. He worked at Logilab for 12 years, participating in various Python projects, before joining Camptocamp in 2012 where he participates in the OpenERP / Odoo community. He is a member of the Odoo Community Association board, and a core committer to the association's projects.

He also plays jazz on his vibraphone, although it is unlikely that he will bring his instrument to the conference.


Fonctionnement de l'Odoo Community Association

samedi 14:45:00–15:10:00 in Amphi 80 E-218

Mon premier module Odoo

dimanche 14:30:00–16:30:00 in Salle E-214

Sprint Odoo J1

lundi 09:00:00–17:00:00 in E-212 sprint