PyConFr 2015


samedi 11:35:00–12:00:00

Software engineering good practices to the development of Canopsis, the first open-source hypervisor

Jonathan Labéjof

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This presentation is about good practices in the development of distributed systems with discussions about several software engineering paradigms used in Canopsis, such as an hypervisor/advanced supervisor system.


Canopsis is the first open-source hypervisor written in Python and Javascript with a large set of external middleware and frameworks such as rabbitmq, mongodb, emberjs, and then some...

With a large set of good practices in term of software engineering, Canopsis is able to process about 750 event/s, and provides several features such as:

  • an "à la carte" system with component-based approach for specializing event processing, data storage and frontend dashboard generation.
  • interoperability with more than 10 supervisors thanks to standardisation of inputs and outputs.
  • data-oriented with schemas in order to be as close as possible to final user requirements.
  • auto-(re)configurability at runtime.
  • auto-monitoring where Canopsis events are considered such as Canopsis inputs.

Those points will be discussed and some perspectives will be announced...