PyConFr 2018

PyLadies lunch at PyConFr

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Sun 16 September 2018
by Arthur Vuillard

For the first time, PyConFr conference will host a PyLadies lunch on saturday, October 6th. It will take place at 12:30 in the room E002S. This lunch is free of charge, but registration is required.

By gathering cis and trans women, trans men, or genderqueer who write Python, this event aims at empowering them whithin the community. Another goal is to build stronger ties between the PyLadies and the french-speaking community.

This lunch is funded by the French Python Association (AFPy) and organized with the support of Viviane Pons and Anna-Livia Gomard, organizers of PyLadies Paris.

Meant only for cis and trans women, trans men, or genderqueer, cis men are requested not to register nor trying to participate to this lunch.

The meal will be served as a buffet, including vegetarian and vegan options.